Reviews: Learning from the past

Caellach Tiger Eye's Review

As a fervent Mudshipper, the release of Golden Sun Dark Dawn drew me into a very painful position - my favourite pairing being canon would mean removing the new protagonists from existence, and I was much too fond of Isaac and Rief (and heck, even Nowell) to do that. I knew there was no way to deny Jenna being Matthew's mother, yet I couldn't think of any way Dark Dark canon could comply with the Isaac/Mia ship as well. This fic changed that. Gravaja Umbros has devised a clever, well thought-out and carefully constructed solution to the shipping problems of myself and others which (for now at least) is very much canon-compliant and yet prevents us from needing to remove the Spin Offspring from the equation at all. That, combined with an effective narrative style and exposition, makes for a thought-provoking, emotively-satisfying, fulfilling, and Squee-worthy read. It's only a one-shot, but very powerful. If you are a fan of Mudshipping, the second Golden Sun generation and Spiritshipping, then this fic is a definite must-read.