Reviews: Korra/Disguised As A Totally Normal Guy!Amon

Amazing: Definitely Recommended

It's very much worth the read, and is really quite the experience to read through in one sitting. It's well paced the budding relationship between Noatak(or Takona if we're going by his alias) and Korra coming off as very believable and is adorable. It portrays the vulnerable aspect of Korra well without not making her seem over emotional or chickified. The first half of the fic or so manages to be heartwarming and cute with an underlining sense of foreboding, eventually becoming excruciating and heartbreaking as they're relationship becomes more and more intimate and serious. This all builds up wonderfully to the end, which manages to be pretty bittersweet and ends only a slightly AU note, but definitely within the realm of reality.

Noatak is particularly fascinating in the fic. This troper was really pulled in by the way the author wrote him and understood very easily why Korra felt so drawn to him. The fic is pretty long considering it was written for a live journal prompt, but can still be pretty easily read in one whole sitting if you have a couple of hours to kill. It doesn't seem to drag in any parts, as mentioned before, the pacing is very fluid. The lemon part of the fic is tasteful and well written, though it may go a little long for some's taste(though not my own).

A recommended read even for those who aren't into the Amorra pairing. It's very well written, playing the bittersweetness and the tragedy to perfection.

Give a look, it's really worth it.

This fanfic makes a very good use of Dramatic Irony. The audience knows who the waterbender is, but can't help be but fascinated by his and Korra's interactions. The fanfic could fit within canon, while expanding Korra and Republic City. It details Korra's interactions with everyday life of Republic City as such dealing with average citizens, dealing with gangs and exploring the city. Amon or as he goes by the alias, Takona and Korra get to know each other through restaurant outings throughout the fic. Takona has Korra think of questions such as: can she be just as good of a person without her bending? Don't take reward for what's supposed to be her duty. Is right to go after someone, knowing they are already in a relationship. And one important question: should she think about who she trusts and take what they say at face value

Takona, in the other hand, learns the human side of the Avatar and discovers for all of Korra's power, she is still a teenage girl.

Which makes their eventual confrontation all the more bittersweet.!Amon