Reviews: Judy Is Dead

Flawed gem

Story sets itself up interestingly, but unfortunately it fails to deliver itself in the end.

Main problem the story has that it lacks focus and good main character. Nick, now bitter shell of self, ends up invalidating the nominal main character (July). July is very quickly pushed aside so we can focus on Nick moping around.

Story relies also very heavily on "remember this from the movie" elements. Entire lines are lifted and reused from the movie.

Story has bad habit of invalidating actions of everyone else except Nick. July doesn't break a case open because she is good, but because she was directly lead to the solution by evil politicians whose... evil plan you don't know unless you read separate story. July doesn't really DO anything, her shining moment is cowering in fear, holding a kid, while Nick saves them.

All in all, if the story had stuck to July and her actions, her motives and all, this could have been something great. Unfortunately, it ends up flopping by the end, trying too much to pull on the feels.

The Next Zistopia (maybe).

This AU is Exactly What It Says on the Tin, an AU where Judy was killed in a violent encounter in the line of duty, and her partner, Nick Wilde, is left a bitter, cynical, and incredibly depressed and lonely police officer, who eventually becomes Da Chief. When Judy's niece, July Hopps, joins the Precinct under Nick, he does his best to not let it get to him, but she might just be the thing that finally helps him move on from Judy's Death. The relationship between Nick and July is the emotional core of this piece, Nick starts out ignoring her as best he can, but she's too similar to Judy for that to last long. Then she keeps stirring up memories and such. Add to that an incredibly corrupt and horrible mayor, and you have an adventure that might just be either Nick's Salvation, or his downfall. Also, the relationship between Nick and July is not framed in a romantic/sexual light, mostly because, as one character puts it, Nick is old enough to be July's grandfather. Instead, Nick comes across more as a reluctant mentor to a bunny who might have not had the best reason for joining the force, but has the potential to absolutely be as good as her predecessor. This webcomic is fantastic, and while not as malleable as the Zistopia AU, it could easily become another beloved AU where we see more and more works of fiction in a similar setting. Highly Recommend.