Reviews: Journeysof Three Thousand Miles

Tragic and Beautiful

This story is absolutely beautiful. Tokka fans, get your tissues ready. I became known just to recommend this fic and write a little review.

There is no Die for Our Ship, Character Derailment, or any of the other stuff that makes you want to pull your face off and burn it in a fire. Has the typical fanfic need-for-a-proofreader, but that's nothing unusual. It doesn't detract from the story at all, unless you're a die-hard nit-picker, in which case, why are you reading fanfics?

The beginning is slightly vague about exactly when it starts, but that doesn't matter as much as where it goes. It transcends the typical shipping-fic. I was borderline about whether I categorized this as general or shipping, but since the author's intent was Tokka shipping, that settled the matter. The story covers many, many years after the end of the series. It follows Sokka while he battles a resurgent force of Ozai loyalists, Toph as she founds Republic City, and Suki as she joins Toph in the city to wait for Sokka's return from war. Why isn't the veteran Kyoshi warrior fighting alongside him, you ask? There's a very, very good reason for that.

There are questions raised about the larger world's events that don't get answered. Don't try to answer them; you're not going to find the answers in this story. You might want to say "but why doesn't *** fix everything?" The answer amounts to "because there are other things going on to keep the Deus ex Machina from fixing everything and sprinkling glitter everywhere." This story is about a small list of characters and their lives in relation to those larger events, not the larger events, themselves.

As a Sokka/Suki/Toph triangle fan, I was completely satisfied by where this author took the characters. Everybody is believable, and everybody feels like the characters of the show. They grow as the story progresses, they just don't grow the way you might have expected. I absolutely love this author's take on Suki, especially her relationship with Toph. I wanted to give everyone a big hug at the end.

Now, where are my tissues...