Reviews: Jetaime

An Amazing Quality of Cheese

This fic was a mixed bag for me.

The story is very melodramatic in the hammy sense and the emotional whiplash between the haminess and the tragic back story flashbacks sometimes gets disconcerting. The romance to me felt rather instantaneous and it didn't really work for me. Plus at times I felt less like I was reading a Team Fortress fic and more like the author wanted to write a love story about co-dependant folks with PTSD but slapped the TF 2 setting in there so people would read it.

The main love story aside the story is ridiculously silly, but also ridiculously entertaining.

I enjoyed this, it held my attention for hours. But it's not quality. It's sort of like a soap opera or telenovela. Everyone, even random background folks seem to be related to each other in a "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon" sense. Which gets very ridiculous by like the fourth dramatic reveal that this guy over here is in fact a figure from someones past years ago or that this guy over here is someones long lost brother. It's that sort of story.

So yea - its entertaining but I'm not going to say this is perfect by any measure.