Reviews: Ishbal The Musical

ISHBAL! The Musical!

Wrath and Pride singing along to Mary Poppins. Hawkeye and her ‘Playing with Soldiers’ rant. Roy hogging the spotlight with ‘sad little jazz hands’. Kimblee with an epic dance pose. Morbidly amusing MoodWhiplash all around.

Somehow, somehow managing to be (mostly) canon-compliant and (reasonably) in-character.

The whole thing can be summed up as ‘Pre-canon Fullmetal Alchemist: THE MUSICAL!’ It covers the Ishbal War of Extermination from just before the alchemists get sent in and ends at its conclusion. There are very few scenes from the manga itself, but covers a lot of the events that were mentioned in passing. The author put a lot of effort into fitting the lyrics into other songs, and it works out surprisingly well. The musical was written to cover around two hours, but overall it’s definitely worth a read.