Reviews: Into The Wild

op's review

Comments: It is focused primarily on the two OC protagonists. There are three cameos from movie characters, and it features an Alternate Character Interpretation about Jake's Idiot Ball. The first half is more or less just Jade poking fun at Pandora, but she and the Na'Vi show some strong characterization near the end. Uses Empathetic Weather and Ironic Echo to rather sad ends at the end. The Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism crawls towards Idealism a bit, but is slammed HARD against the Cynisism end as part of a Doomed by Canon bit. Unless you haven't figured it out by now, don't read the ending unless you have tissues handy. The Na'Vi accidentally kills Jade during the Battle for the Tree of Souls after falling in love with her and buries her at the Tree of Souls.