Reviews: Innermost And Underlying

Three out of Four stars

Basically, this fic plays with a notion that Erskine discusses in the Captain America film about how the supersoldier serum doesn't just make one superhuman, it transforms the outer body into a reflection of a person's inner spirit. In Stephanie's case, she truly and deeply wants to help her country in the war, and in her 1940s mindset a man can best do that. So a man's what she turns into. The exploration of her transformation and the affect it has on the various character relationships is explored at length. Although the fic does a have few weaknesses: it gets a bit cute at times, and it feels very... 'internet fandom,' for lack of a better term... to make Peggy have bi-tendencies. That said, it's a decent enough fic, the basic concept is interesting, and the addition of the Winter Soldier stuff is fun. There are a few typos here and there as well where the author got carelessly copying-'n-pasting for dramatic repetition.