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A good idea fatally undercut by its execution
I like the core concept — that Azula fakes her breakdown — but I'm not sure I buy that she would wait *eight* years to execute her last move. That's a long, long time for the Avatar and Firelord Zuko to build up their power bases, form alliances, and let the Fire Nation's royal court forget about crazy old Azula. Not to mention eight years where the war weary Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes have a chance to rebuild their forces. Even if Azula kills Aang, and that's assuming he's in the Fire Nation capital when she arrives there after swimming, what's she do for an encore? She's old news to the Fire Nation at large, popularly regarded as insane, and she's alienated all her allies. Her whole plan just strike me as... well, crazy.

I know the fic's stated intent is that Azula fakes her breakdown, but the fridge logic of waiting eight years implies that either Azula is stupid or she really *did* go crazy and now she's rationalizing her behavior.
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"Clever girl...."
Many fans of A:TLA, including the author of this fic, found Azula's breakdown in the finale inconsistent with the consummate planner we'd come to love to hate. But what if it was "all just part of the plan"? This is a brief but chilling (and largely canon/Word Of God-compliant) look at just how far Azula will go to ensure an advantage, well worth the miniscule time it takes to read.

(Title is Japanese for "eagerly waiting".)
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