Reviews: Ill Met By Starlight

antvasima's review

This is an odd story in several respects. For one it has none of the usual Ranma tone. It's creepy psychotic suspense. For the second Nabiki is actually written as an in character near Complete Monster! That almost never happens... although mostly without the characteristic upbeat goofy snark that gave her charm. For the third Ranma is at least as bad. For the fourth, it was still written well enough to not make you care.

Indigo's review

Thirded. Brilliant. I haven't read it in years, and am delighted to find links to it here. Turning something played for laughs into a "stay up with the lights on" scary story is a sign of true genius talent.

CrypticMirror's review

There is actually a side story exploring thah precise bout of Fridge Logic, Nabiki in Comaland by Trisha L. Sebastian. On a side note if anyone has a copy of those missing Lara Bertram fics referenced in the author's notes in this story I'd be more than grateful if someone could drop me a copy at the contact details on my page.

Sackett's review

Seconded, amazing story. Although Fridge Logic kicked in for me when I realized that Nabiki was being just as dark and psychotic as Ranma. That was a rather chilling showdown, I couldn't figure out who to root for.

Looney Toons review

I'll second the recommendation. And I'll also note that it has an impressive Wham Episode point when you discover the divergence that creates this alternate universe is a moment where Genma is less of a bastard than he is in canon.