Reviews: Hello Hurricane

Live Life Loud

This is an absolutely wonderful story, the first fanfic that's made me break down in tears. Lady Charity has a wonderful way of weaving in such emotion and incorporating such amazing themes on life and death and love and living it out to the fullest. It's absolutely heartbreaking but in the end there's a wonderful sense of acceptance and healing and being all the better of a person for it. The way the Bad Touch Trio, Gilbert/Eliza, and Gilbert's and Ludwig's relationship are written is definitely amazing and you really get a sense of how close they all are. The whole story emphasizes that it's not the prospect of the end that should define your life and keep you down, it's the journey there that counts. Even though the ending is pretty expected it still hits you hard and you find you've still been crossing your fingers all along it wouldn't happen like this. Then you realize, alongside the characters themselves, it's the time shared and spent along the way that counts the most.

As an extra treat watch out for the songs and stories that she recommends. They're everywhere - her influences, quoted in the beginning or end of chapters, mentioned within the stories themselves. It's fascinating to go through them and see how they influenced the story.

Comment by Issyleggat

This fanfic is absolutely breathtaking and heartbreaking. The story is written well with a lot of angst, sadness and hope. When you read a chapter, it makes you feel a need to keep reading. Lady Charity has written the story in an extremely emotional way and the way she writes about the relationships Prussia (Gilbert) has with everyone is amazing. Eventually every chapter makes even the most heartless of humans shed tears (or in my case, a waterfall). Whether you enjoy heart-wrenching stories or not may change change your view. But this fanfic is so incredibly and heart-breakingly realistic and emotional and just very depressing really XD. If you aren't a fan of tearjerkers, bittersweet endings or downer endings I would not suggest you read this but even so this is a fantastic fanfic. It consists of some Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming and naturally as it is about Prussia (Gilbert) there is a few Crowning Moments of Awesomeness as well as a Dying Moment Of Awesome,depending if you consider the tapes that he made as something along the lines of that.