Reviews: Heaven Can Wait

Comment by Ginko

Especially on Miyu's characterization. To be fair, the author may only have seen the anime, and the ending did explain a lot very fast so he may have missed key points, but it took a Xanatos Roulette spanning decades to trick Miyu into carrying around a literal Idiot Ball in the anime, and she still wasn't this bad. For people who have seen the Magnificent Bitch she is to Himiko in the OVAs, much less read the manga... The repeated Plot-Induced Stupidity, especially in the final chapters when the veteran should have 'learned her lesson' seems to serve no purpose other than allowing the Brimstone character to act superior and lecture her about it. Which he does. Ad nauseum.

Comment by Looney Toons

It is so well written that the reader need not be familiar with either series to understand and enjoy the story he will learn everything he needs to know about them before he's more than a third of the way through. Without impeding the story at all, even for a reader who is familiar.