Reviews: Hearts of Ice

antvasima's review

A very well-written, rather epic story, and Krista really "gets" what makes Akane tick. If you took away the rage disorder the original was easily one of the most genuinely compassionate, idealistic, brave, helpful, and heroic characters in the series, so I think this story summarised it pretty well.

Here the flip personality of a violent paranoic is toned down, but Akane usually managed to keep it under control when people relied on her, and has to given the serious situation. She also greatly patterns herself after Kasumi, so I thought the development made sense, and personally I much prefer reading about genuinely sympathetic characters.

Regarding her skill, she was stated outright as having more potential than Ranma, has now been given several extra years of training, and I don't remember her being a bully about it, so it's mostly okay.

Possibly not enough humour thrown in for a Ranma story, but there were a few more serious manga arcs, and it doesn't enter Cerebus Syndrome territory. It may not be an actual masterpiece, but still very good, and going by what I've seen over the years, most writers seem to enjoy it.

Readerboy7's review

I'ts a well written story, but it has one major problem: It's a fix fic, and everything is perfect by the end. That is basically the antithesis of Ranma 1/2. Other than that, Akane has some elements of being a black hole sue. Other than that, it's a well written story.

CrypticMirror's review

A story of two halves. The parts with Ranma and the NWC are fantastic, and well worth a read, however Akane is firmly in Mary Sue territory being made more saintly than Kasumi and a better Martial artist than the rest of the cast combined. As long as you skip her parts, you are good to go.

Looney Toons review

Once known as the great unfinished symphony of Ranma fanfic, this epic tale (started in the middle 1990s) was finally completed in 2010.