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Oh this is lovely!
And no, that wasn't sarcasm. Seriously, I'm amazed that the author hasn't just rewritten this to be original fiction- it's more than publishable. Of course, having it happen to characters we know and love gives it half the punch. This is proper horror, and honestly, I think what happened to Kakashi was more of a mercy than anything else, given what happens later...
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  • Comments: The Kyuubi sealed in Naruto, played as a Cosmic Horror Story. Intensely creepy.
    • Thanks for giving me the worst and most vivid nightmares of my life. Jerk. Rec seconded, but it loses some of its punch in the later chapters... not that that means it ever loses its mindmelting properties.
      • Thirded. I don't follow Naruto at all and this story went from unnerving alternate telling to complete Off The Rails insanity. Well written and told from a voice that accentuates the mood. Now has a sequel.
    • See its own page here.
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