Reviews: Harry Potter And The Descent Into Darkness

Great concept, but mediocre execution

Is this the worst fic ever? No. It's generally coherent, and it's nice to see AUs of this nature not completely demonize all of the "good" guys. For better or worse, it's still one of the better fics of its type out there.

However, the story struggles with its pacing and the execution of much of its dialogue—as a former beta reader, I spent much of my time imagining how I could cut out up to a third of its word count, since a lot of the text in front of me felt like unnecessary padding that was considerably slowing down parts that didn't need so much time, not to mention how it was making a fair amount of the conversations feel stiff and not true to the characters' canon voices. It also doesn't help that suspense was next to nonexistent between both parts of the series, or that certain important shifts in character personalities weren't addressed as much as they likely should have been—especially with Harry himself, who almost never shows any concern for his personality change or shift to dark magic (both of which are, as far as I'm concerned, implied to mostly be due to the dark spot in his mind—the one that he shows virtually NO apprehension towards shortly after releasing it from its imprisonment).

With all that said, the fics written by the original author keep my attention far better than the one adoption that's floating around on Adult-FanFiction. Unless you're really desperate to have a continuation beyond where the original ended, you shouldn't even bother looking into it.


It's an alright fic, though if the 'pique' 'peak' 'peek' misspellings bother you, much twitching will ensue. It is a very slow moving and not very suspenseful plot considering all the potential for conflict. Harry becomes too overpowered to face much opposition, really.

A Treasure Among Crud

Descent into Darkness was the first real dark!Harry fic I ever came across, and I was amazed by how very believable the events in the story were, with some minor typos being the only thing hindering the beauty of the story. After reading it (twice), any other story I found concerning the topic was quickly dropped by me because they were either poorly written, appeared bland or unoriginal, or both. In fact, it's so good, that I would even suggest going ahead and reading the sequel, even though it was discontinued a few months ago.