Reviews: Harry Potter And The Descent Into Darkness


It's an alright fic, though if the 'pique' 'peak' 'peek' misspellings bother you, much twitching will ensue. It is a very slow moving and not very suspenseful plot considering all the potential for conflict. Harry becomes too overpowered to face much opposition, really.

A Treasure Among Crud

Descent into Darkness was the first real dark!Harry fic I ever came across, and I was amazed by how very believable the events in the story were, with some minor typos being the only thing hindering the beauty of the story. After reading it (twice), any other story I found concerning the topic was quickly dropped by me because they were either poorly written, appeared bland or unoriginal, or both. In fact, it's so good, that I would even suggest going ahead and reading the sequel, even though it was discontinued a few months ago.