Reviews: Harry And The Mysterious Curse Of The Girl Who Lived

A Very Nice and Odd Fic

Absolutely hilarious and well-written to boot. Harry is a bit different on account of having to understand the girls around him a bit better, and the gang he accrues is much larger. The author does a good job at characterization, hinting at things like hidden crushes without stating them outright and making Snape downright creepy in how he's nice to Harry/Harriet. At his core, Harry is still the same person, but the different perception of his gender has changed the world around him. Male cousin beating up his male relative? Mildly distasteful, but acceptable. Male cousin beating up his female relative? Shock and outrage. It's a very thought-provoking concept.

I will admit that I'm a bit scared of how Malfoy may turn out and what he may try with a female Harry.

Certainly an unusual set of events Not-Harriet

This fic works so much better than I thought it would. It starts off slowly with very few diversions (mostly centered around Harry's in-vain attempts at claiming to be a boy) but gradually changes many things especially come Hogwarts. Oddly Voldemort is a woman (or cursed as well it's not clear yet) in this universe known as Volotredi. It will probably get more mature as the ages increase, but so far it doesn't take itself too seriously, much like the canon counterparts.