Reviews: Hammered Down

ZeitgeistGlee's review

Absolutely agree with the above comment, having had the pleasure of reading several great Bleach epics this one stands head and shoulders above rivals for the way in which it draws in the reader, mesmerises them and then steadfastly refuses to let go until the 500,000+ word masterpiece is finished. While remaining absolutely true to the core spirits of every character used, Tomas expertly weaves in his own additions to make them more whole and human. I imagine the only complaint any fan could find is simply that the work ends.

Revlid's review

This fanfiction is, without a doubt, the best Bleach story I have read, rivalled only by Uninvited Guests and Winter War. It's absolutely astounding. It's wonderfully written, fantastically plotted, and beautifully conceived. Tomas uses characters Kubo has seemingly forgotten to fantastic effect, depicts the Espada as actual, horrifying threats, develops characters in great directions, and plays off the expectations of his readers to acheive ever-greater heights of awesome. Reading it in one sitting will take a fair chunk of your time, but you'll have trouble stopping, and Chapter 14 alone has more CMoA than the entire Bleach series so far, and a few CMoH to boot.

Darksidevoid's review

An extremely well-written fic that focuses heavily on what life would be like for the characters of Bleach if they lived in as crapsack a world as some parts of the series have led us to believe. Multiple characters are followed throughout the chapters, although the summary says it focuses on Rukia and Gin.