Reviews: Halkeginia Online

good concept, iffy on the execution

the premise is interesting and the plot is engaging. however unlike other reviewers, the excessive Rouge Angles of Satin present is keeping this troper from being able to fully enjoy the story. proper names and titles are inconsistent and sometimes repeated words in the same paragraphs will have different spellings altogether.

the story needs some polishing badly, in fact i might recommend what appears to be a near-rewrite of the fic: Fae is Foul. the two are very similar near the beginning but several divergences crop up quickly so they arent quite the same story. but the absence of severe and repeated grammar/spelling errors makes it worthwhile.

Halkegina Online review by Drakensis

At the time of this review, HO is 8 chapters into volume 3 (and there's a 3-chapter side-story as well). Obviously this is a long fanfiction and it's a very well thought out one. It's got a large cast, but also a memorable one, and strong plots.

Volume 1 covers the arrival of ALO, along with ~60,000 players, in Halkegina and the initial reactions, along with how they're sucked into Albion's civil war. There are a lot of plot threads going on here and no one really has everything their way. Of course, if you're really wanting to follow one plot then you may have to wait around.

Volume 2 covers longer-term consequences - and there are some doozies. Tristainian internal politics are on the boil, with help from Albion, but the Faerie have politics of their own as they have to figure out long term leadership. Meanwhile, characters like Guiche and Louise are doing some growing up and that's a painful thing indeed.

Melancholy Heart is a side-story, admitted by the author to be predictable in places, but sound nonetheless, covering the activities of a couple of older players who are finding a new lease of life in this new world.

Volume 3 is just getting underway, so it's hard to say where it's going but given Volume 2 left several plots unresolved it's going to be fun finding out.

If you've not read this yet, go read it. Or Yui will make puppy-dog eyes at you until you cave.

A clash of worlds

The story captures both Halkeginia and SAO very well. It's unique in that it concentrates on the political and social consequences of the World Tree being transported to a 'real' fantasy world, both from the perspective of the major players of Halkeginia and the players of Alfheim. At the same time, it avoids the obvious pitfalls, like Louise receiving a Familiar Sue, and Stages of Canon.

The author tries to tell everyone's story, and has so far succeeded splendidly. All of the characters are engaging, from the shrewd Alicia Rue and Argo, to the loud Guiche, to the insane Cromwell. The world feels truly alive. As per SAO, the tone of the narrative swings between comedy, tragedy and action, frequently in the space of a single installment, or even a single scene.

While there are infrequent grammar and spelling mistakes, they invariably come from the author or proofreader being too trusting in the auto correct. Even so, they do not distract from the flow of the story too much (and that is coming from a Grammar Nazi).

Currently clocking at 12 chapters and a load of supplementary material, it is out there together with The Hill of Swords as one of the best ZnT crossover fics I have read.