Reviews: Hakumei

Great, but wordy

First off—I love this. The idea is so well-executed and it's just plain awesome with cheese. I love everything about it—everything except that.... could stand to be less verbose. The chapters are insanely long. I can read the 5th harry potter book in 8 hours, but it had chapter breaks where I knew where I left off. This is so wordy I wanted to stop mid-chapter and I often lost my place mid-page and had to backtrack. The code names were a bit of an issue. Yes, the author was nice enough to post them at the start few every chapter, but the chapters are so long that you have to scroll a LOT to get back to the top and be reminded who's who (which you have to do whenever someone who's not in Hakumei has the POV), which was one of the above reasons I lost my place a lot. Overall, it's amazing, but I recommend setting aside blocks of time to read it and writing the code-names down the a card or something so you don't have to scroll so much. Also, if you need to leave your computer for even a second find a way to get right back where you were or you'll have to re-read several paragraphs to find it again. Again, amazing, but a little too wall-of-text sometimes.

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