Reviews: Gundam SEED Kismet

Komuro's review

At first, this fic seems to want to delve into territory much darker than Shadow Cell's, but quickly pulls out of it. A few awkward sentences (and frequently misspelling Waltfeld's last name) aside, the re-imagined DESTINY characters interact well with both the author's O Cs (who seem to make up most of the casualties) and the established SEED cast. Kira's a total angstfest though and Lacus gets dragged down with him, but I guess it's more of a YMMV thing in the end. Athrun and Cagalli are on the mark, though, and the redone Shinn and Stellar interact naturally and remind this troper of Shiro and Sayla from The08th MS Team a bit. Fifty chapters are up, so there's plenty there for people to read.