Reviews: Gundam SEED DESTINY

Comartemis' review

I'm giving this one a negative recommendation. Not only does the author desperately need an ego check (this series is the result of him "proving" that he can do Destiny better), he also seems to think that the way to "fix" Destiny is to turn it into Victory Gundam: The Sequel.

Nitramy's review

I kind of agree with the above digressions, but I still maintain that the recommendation should stand, simply because TWILIGHT and ETERNITY are proof of Growing The Beard; much improved writing, maturity, and story progression bringing the saga full circle. (And yes, ETERNITY does end on a hopeful note.)

Fenrir's review

For those that are looking for bringing out the most Zeta aspects of Gundam SEED Destiny, this is the fic for you. The story is dark and brutal as Shinn struggles with fighting for himself amidst those that would use him merely as a tool. ShadowCell brings a lot of minor characters in for some focus, including the Phantom Pain members from Stargazer and Lowe and Gai occasionally along with a few original characters. The stories also paint Shinn as someone who is not so much immature as lacking direction, and have the dubious honor of making this troper start to like Lacus.