Reviews: Grey Skies Universe

Comment by Anonymous

There is a third fic in the series, Lost Time, which is being written by a different author, but is approved by GeminiStar01. It does address the characterization of the alternate-universe characters when the England and America from canon are magicked over and meet them.

Comment by Anonymous

Note, though, that England is still only vaguely in-character, and the word "vaguely" applies to the other characters as well. Perhaps expected from the setting, and it's still better than being victimized.

Comment by Mariecat

Seconded. This fic is brilliant, that's the only word to describe it. It's so very well written and it tugs at your heartstrings but in the best ways possible. I simply cannot recommend this story enough, it's worth a read, more than one, read through.

Comment by Anonymous

And Canada shows that he is a lot stronger than you first think in Every Generation as he rebels against England and fights for his independence and Alfred's.

Comment by DianaCruz

Notable for keeping England vaguely in-character (which doesn't always happen, as he tends to be demonized in these sorts of stories) and just tugging the emotional heartstrings like nobody's business.