Reviews: Graceful Degradation

A good series which shows how things can change in a big way.

A good piece overall which shows a lot of the strengths of the characters and just how much of a role the TSAB actually played in the events of the first two series, even if it had seemed that their part was minor. Now with the Wolkenritter awake several weeks earlier and the Book of Darkness seemingly to be filling its pages from the ambient mana to provide Hayate magic to defend herself with, things will be getting interesting.

Original Flavor Nanoha? Yes Please!

An excellent retelling of the first and second seasons and what comes to pass without TSAB interference. While the first arc is largely the same up until the showdown with Precia the A's arc goes massively off the rails right from the start and the fallout of the end of the first season creates a unique setup whose repercussions will shape the story for many chapters to come.