Reviews: Gods Willing

Comment by Looney Toons

Mid-1990s-vintage EPU trademark self-insert series that got only two installments out in four years before the story's muse cut and run. Not quite as polished as their modern work but still very good in this editor's opinion. While the first chapter is a fairly standard retread of the opening of AMG, it's in the second chapter, "We'll Always Have Boston", that the EPU creative team really shines — in a plot that barely winks at a canon inspiration, Gryphon and Urd team up to rescue Belldandy from Aoshima, who has spirited her off through Boston on false pretenses in order to seduce her and steal her from Keiichi. Definitely worth the read, and mourn that we never got to see more. (Oh, and there are minor crossover elements with Youre Under Arrest, which were obviously hooks for future chapters.)