Reviews: Garden Of Sanctuary

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  • Comments: There are also a couple of sequels, which aren't as good but are worth a look if you enjoy this one.
    • This Troper found The sequel, Medusa Javelin, to be one of the most beautiful stories written, if a little out of place in the Narutoverse.
    • This troper found Naruto was far too Out Of Character in the first few paragraphs but he settled back into a more canon characterization before the middle. The character was far to sensitive and intelligent. The real shame is on Sakura's end the characterization is flawless, and she never once felt Out Of Character, and all her lines and actions seemed like they would fit in with her canon counterpart, minus the romance. To it's credit aside from the issue with Naruto it is very well written, and despite Naruto's characterization it's worth reading even if your not a fan of the pairing.
    • Kurtulmak: If your eyes don't tear up at some point by the end of this, you have no soul. Medusa Javelin retells the same story from Sakura's POV and is equally heart-wrenching in places.