Reviews: From Fake Dreams

A Doorstopper so long, the only thing I remember... "man, I really need to read it again because what I do know is that it was awesome". From what I do recall, however, From Fake Dreams is a faithful follower of the "If Frodo is a Jedi, You Must Give Sauron a Death Star" principle; yes, Shirou has Taken a Level In Badass , but so have the enemies he's facing, along with a large helping of politics. Downside: As stated above, an absolute Doorstopper. Good luck trying to binge this.

Mixed feelings

Good: fights are awesome, build up to them is awesome, new OC Scottish runesmith is awesome, some stuff that happens blindsides you.

Bad: long. Long long long. Many chapters end up feeling like fluff, or filled with semi pointless technical detail. Shiro gets lots of powerups that feel pointless and unneeded. IMO they hurt the story by making him needlessly powerful.

Overview: Comes out feeling like the author went "what if Shiro could do x!" About 5 different times in the story. It takes freaking forever to get to the grail war. And in the end Shiro doesn't feel like Shiro, or someone I'm emotionally invested in. I simply don't connect with the story as it isn't about the characters I love.

By Zoner16

Shirou's power take a definite upturn, but the way that Third Fang presents the story also ramps up both the stakes and the difficulty level of his story. As the reviewer above said, it seems to take its cue from the Fourth War, giving the participants well defined motives and definite convictions, adding vast new levels of intrigue, and introducing several outside elements that have a hand to play now. The war promises to be far, far more than a version of the canon one with a few new plot devices. The entire face of the game is set to be changed. Entertaining, intense, and accessible. A must read for any fan.


I like this one quite a bit. Shirou does seem to be becoming a bit too powerful. However, at the same time, while the current Shirou in the story may have easily won the canon HGW, Third Fang has introduced a ton of other elements into the story, such as Shirou's existence being revealed to the world, and him being recruited into the Clock Tower as one of Lorelei's subordinates, while at the same time being forced to hide his partial transformation into a Dead Apostle. Overall, it seems that the Fifth Grail War in this universe is going to resemble the Fourth War much more than the canon Fifth War did, which means, above all other things, that nothing is going to go according to plan, and that the war is not going to be a cakewalk for our protagonist.

By Xynth

I find it a fairly weakly explained Dues Ex Machina mechanic that has resulted in Shirou becoming a Gary Stu, rather than simply giving him a leg up.