Reviews: Fate Black Reflection

Viewer Discretion is Advised (and not in the Rule 34 way)

It's...a little wonky. As stated in other reviews below, it really does kind of feel like a "Look how awesome and OP Ichigo is" fic. May I remind you that while yes, Bleach characters are dead souls with immense power, they are still human souls subject to certain rules? The fact that Rider feels super overshadowed is...quite unrealistic. Heroic Spirits are humans so fucking badass they break out of the cycle of reincarnation itself— and in the Nasuverse we have goddamn True Ancestors and Servants throwing around attacks on power scales more skewed than you can shake a stick at. Bleach Shinigami are beholden to gods; Heroic Spirits, under the right circumstances, can kill them.

By zer0light

While the fight scenes may be well written and entertaining, they are not accurately taking into account the power levels of the characters. Type-moon fans are very picky when it comes to facts and details and as a fan myself, it's kind of offending to see Ichigo stomping everyone. A divisive fic but interesting none the less.

By lordgale

I find this fanfic becoming a favorite the more I read about certain story routes in Fate. The battles aren't disappointing in the slightest. Consider this a Fix Fic done right.

By Zoner16

Your mileage may vary here, especially for Nasuverse fans. While the writing is impeccable and the dialogue and interplay between characters is very fun to read, battles are another story. Much of it seems to be lauding how awesome Ichigo is and shunts the FSN characters off to a level where they are beneath most bleach characters. This means that Ichigo's main friends (not the normal shinigami) will be able to match servants.

The battles, while executed well, are extremely discriminate towards the Nasuverse characters. Almost all of the Bleach characters win, no matter how unlikely it is. Several mechanics of the Nasuverse are ignored in their entirety, while others are badly skewed so that the Bleach characters come out on top. This is less of a Fix Fic and more of a "Look how awesome Ichigo is" fic.