Reviews: Fate:Spiral Time

By Shinji117

While I do recommend this, there is at least one flaw in the story that made me hesitate before typing this rec: The author has an...unfortunate tendency to alter the Nasuverse as he please. One of the strangest examples probably in chapter 5, where Gae Bolg suffers a ridiculous Nerf from a Reality Warping instant-kill Noble Phantasm into something that can be totally blocked by any paranoid, highish level modern day magus. The author then tries to explain it by saying that Gae Bolg was overpowered in the original story. The problem is it was meant to be overpowered, and if the author had wanted, he could have simply chosen a different NP (such as Durandal or Houtengeki, if a spear was really necessary) to avoid this situation arising. Similar situations arise a few more times during the fic. Summing up, those who want a nicelly written and quite inventive story should be able to enjoy this, but those who also want a story where the author tries to stay as true as possible to the original facts and characters should probably look elsewhere.