Reviews: Fate:Nightmare Apatheia

By crazyeater

The author has a habit of changing up the story with added content, which can throw the reader. It's worthwhile, though, to look through the entire story every so often to see what changes were made. What really stands out in this fic is the character development due to the personal interactions of the added characters, such as Saber's debate with Lelouch (though which is added to which is sometimes hard to tell. This isn't a bad thing. It's pretty much the biggest sign of good crossover writing). The author captures each character's personality to a T, with the possible exceptions of Suzaku, who (by Word of God) is a psychopath (which turns out to be a lot more logical than it seems, canon-wise) and Lloyd (who is admittedly difficult to capture well). Thus far, though, the breadth of the story and the depth of the characters make this fic an excellent read.