Reviews: Fate:Zero Sense


I wanted to like this. I really did. But...there's something decidedly *off* about the characterization and the feel of the writing, to be honest. The prose is clunky, everyone seems to just be bare bones characterizationally speaking (if not toeing the line or straight-up jumping the border into out-of-character), and how is it possible for Kotomine and Deadpool, two of the more interesting of the crossed over cast here, to wind up as just a pair of highly annoying dillheads who trash the Fourth Wall more often than Deadpool even does in canon? It *is* Deadpool's thing to do so, but that's, well, much. TIM just seems like he's trying too hard and coming on too strongly with everything, and it goes to show in his writing. Aside from being an actually complete lengthy story (which is noteworthy for this fandom) this one is decidedly mediocre-to-average even when taking into account the leave-your-brain-at-the-door approach.