Reviews: Fate Retold

I can't recommend this to anyone

I'll be honest. I tried to get into this fic and failed utterly. Why? Because the writing is extremely poor. The characters seem one-dimensional even when they shouldn't, and the last several chapters are actually worse than the first few by virtue of the horrible format the author attempts to use to convey drama. Characters that could have been interesting (i.e. Lancer and Assassin) are wasted. And worst of all is the new Saber, who talks like he's cut from cardboard in a middle school play. There are a few good ideas, like Gilgamesh stabbing Kirei in the back, but they're so poorly executed that they just fall flat. Really, the only thing going for this fanfic is the idea of an entirely different cast of heroes. It could have been so much better than it actually is.

By Sir Random User

The first chapters are definitely nothing to write home about, but to be fair the story does improve considerably as it goes on.