Reviews: Fate Geass: The Eden Vital War

By Steve the Corn Muffin

To put it simply, Lelouch being Avenger is absolutely perfect. That has to be the greatest concept for a plot point in a fanfic that I have ever read. Ever. I mean, the parallels between canon Lelouch and canon Avenger are so similar it's insane. If you are familiar with Fate/hollow ataraxia, then the symbolism and parallels will not be missed. It's almost as if this crossover were fated to happen. past.

By Person With Many Aliases

I have no problem with admitting the level of writing is certainly at an acceptable level, and it makes for a good read. C.C.'s sheer badassitude and experience so far has taken the story down an non-stop Curb Stomp Battle, outwitting and nearly outgunning all of her opposition. I haven't finished the story quite yet, but at 32 chapters out of a finished 40... Again, I would say a good work for simple escapism and unwinding, but this is like "Military Exploits of S.S."