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I'm just going to say flat-out that I'm astonished that this hasn't been recc'd yet.This is a fic with many Heartwarming Moments. It focuses on a kind of what-if scenario, where a sixteen/seventeen-year-old Naruto from Canon switches places with younger Naruto... from an AU where Minato lives and the Kyuubi never attacked, thus making the AU Naruto a normal kid. The characters stick close to their counterparts from Canon, except for Gaara, as there doesn't seem to be any Jinchūriki. And Hinata is a little more confident without being too OOC. and the liberties that Reaper Nanashi took with the Fourth's character are refreshing and sweet. Fun and thoughtful, with a little bit of suspense in later chapters because of the mystery of Kushina and the character-bleed of the two different blonde-headed shinobi. It's a great read.
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