Reviews: Fan Fic/Naruto Asunder

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  • Comments: The premise is basically saying to Naruto is that he's and idiot and will get every one killed. While this seams like a standared and cliche. Oddly enough he pulls it off. It is now my personal favorite Naruto Fic. While the beginning is sort of generic beginning, He use ideas like Freeing The Hyugga Clan from the Caged Bird Seal and actually pulls it off with some realistically consequences of the actions. Wrath made me actually hate/respect Danzo as opposed to seeing him just act like a Jerkass the entire time. Plus Shino Took A Level In Badass
    • Konan Origami User: Agreed, it should also be noted that unlike many of the examples on this list, Asunder is actually completed. While it does have a very Bittersweet Ending it still manages to do something very different from almost every other 'Naruto gets more powerful after he starts to think things through' fanfic out there. It's not all good, there is some Fridge Logic about the ending particularly, why didn't Pein resurrect the dead ninja? However, it's few flaws does not tarnish an otherwise epic tale.
    • Jomlos: The awesome part is (spoiler warning), everyone is participating in a continental-scale Xanatos Speed Chess, even Naruto, and no, no important character acted as a pawn, One faction outgambitted each other, I wish I can shut up...