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Waste of Time.
Personally thought that the story was unbearable from the start with just generally bad writing. The fact that around 80 percent of the edits and tropes added on the actual page on the site was made by the author doesn't speak well of it either, especially considering that many of them like the BadAss and it's various subtypes are incredibly opinionated. I also found Minato Arisoto too irritating to care about him, not because he is so strong(and really, he's a video game character, so that's a pointless complaint to have at all), but I just never saw the point of making him British, making all of this Englishman humor annoying. I loathe Yukari in every sense of the word, so I ignored the ship. However, I greatly enjoyed this incarnation of Ken, and no longer found him a brat. The fact that Sam Jaz was willing to explain how gameplay mechanics worked in-universe was also a nice plus for me. The biggest praise I will give this fic is the sheer amount of Continuity Porn shown by meeting the Persona 1 , Persona 2, and Persona 4 cast; as well as meeting THE Lucifer from the main timeline.. Having said that, I would never recommend this fic to anyone.
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