Reviews: Escaping Fate

That feel

You know that happy, bittersweet feeling you get after finishing a particularly delicious story arc, where you empathize so strongly with the characters you can't help but hope their lives are forever fulfilling and wonderful? Well that's a metaphorgotten but this elicited the same feeling of warmth and completion that finishing Fate/Stay Night, Harry Potter, or any other story fully fleshed out from beginning to epilogue did.

In other words, contentment until you want to delve back into the world of their story, at which point it turns into a sad melancholy when you're only able to re-experience the same events that led you to love them instead of following the characters onto a new journey.

So yeah sequels would be nice.

But unnecessary; this story is finished.

And very good.

By Captchacritter

  • Initially a rather human story about relationship development and living with past trauma, actual plot then shows up and evil rear its ugly head. Characterization is spot-on, the new OC is actually likeable and Arashi Leonhart certainly knows his Type-MOON lore and isn't afraid to forge believable new ground in the Nasuverse. SPOILER ALERT: The ending requires some suspension of disbelief since it just kind of...happens...but the story is still a highly recommended one in spite of that.

By Sir Random User

Worth it alone for the very human developments and interactions between the characters, the fic truly hits stride when the plot comes crashing down around the characters and things go from bad to worse and lead to some very exciting action scenes in the later chapters. Also has that Nasu-y feel to it, so that's a narrative bonus.