Reviews: Endless Dream

By Sneebs

I'd probably enjoy this a lot more if the writer could learn how to edit properly. Using a symbol like "..." should not be the way to say the scene has changes. Damnabbit, I might actually be enjoying this if I knew the difference between a scene change and a character being dumbfounded by the comic relief.

By OpMegs

This one is unique in that I found it to make Gilgamesh more understandable in motives than the actual canon. His saving Archer and Rin from Berserker out of appreciation for their determination and skill makes his comments on wanting to "elevate humanity back to what it was" seem more sensical and Gil himself less of an Omnicidal Maniac.

By NeoCrimson

It is indeed very well written, the only flaw is that Caster is a total FixerSue, but at least the author realizes this and makes fun of him/herself for it.

By Jisu

Love it, love it, love it. It's been a while since I've read something this good.

By swtrooper42

This is hilarous and well written. I liked the whole Go Karting With Bowser part with Lancer, Saber, and Archer eating pizza.