Reviews: Eclipse


This story completely exceeded my expectations. It was well written, well thought out, and presented the characters in a realistic potrayal. The emotional ascpect of the story was what really won my attention; Draco does NOT immediately run to the Light side and commit to a Heal Face Turn; he has his doubts, isn't automatically friends with Harry, and has numerous reservations about Dumbledoor and his cause. While some sections skirted the edge of purple prose at times, they were well done and made sense in contex. I would strongly recomend a read for ANY slash fan or any adventure fan: the romance is present throughout the story, but the author does not let it overwhelm the other elements that make Eclipse a good read. My only dissapointment was the discovery that a planned sequel and epiloug were never published. As long as one can read the story for its own merits and not get their hopes up for a multi-story over-arching plot, then they're golden.

This was pretty good.

This wasn't the GREATEST fanfic I've ever read, but it was good. I was extremely aggravated at times because they would constantly bounce back and forth emotionally. Every time there seemed to be a break through in the situation it would digress again. However, realistically, things happen that way. I was very pleased with the author's use of non-canon magic and magic-science. It is a big time investment, it took several hours to read and it felt... unresolved. I did enjoy it and finished it.