Reviews: Do Not Meddle In The Affairs Of Wizards

Honest opinion...

In my honest opinion...I don't like it. Yes, what happened to Harry was bad, but what he did makes him seem Not So Different from those who condemned him. Plus, what did he think he was playing at, being loud and interrupting in court? I thought you couldn't do that by raising your hand?

As for the bashing, it's a bit over the top. Sure, what they did to him was bad, but...taking away Hermione's ability to read, what she loves doing best? That's like telling an elephant not to pick things up with its trunk; picking things up with their trunks is how elephants learn. Anyways, I also feel that Ginny had been portrayed here a bit negatively; I know that she was a fangirl at the start of the series, but she cooled down after that.

Sorry about that. I just needed to get it off my chest and into a review. Like one review here said, I wouldn't recommend this for reading.

read to come to your own decision

It's actually quite good if you ask me, other then ginny being a psycho stalker


Note that it is a case of stupid!Hermione, with serious bashing.

Not Recommended

Though the story does have some merits, it falls pray to a large amount of 'Ron the Death Eater'. I understand that for the premise to work, you have to create villains out of the majority of the cast, but it's done in such a way to be completely unbelievable.