Reviews: Distorted Reality

Jacob Greyson's review

It's just a pity it is looking more and more like a Dead Fic

Sal Fish Fin's review

The Lampshade Hanging on the whole "reverse world" thing in chapter nine had me in stitches.

FireLizardInABottle's review

The first few chapters start out a little rough, but from there the author gets his stride. Some of his ideas and the way the AU diverges from canon are just genius.

Ryan Lohner's review

A very imaginative premise, and Aang remembering everything about the show's canon gives it a great twist. The author is very careful to not simply make the same story with the names reversed; the characters are all recognizably themselves, just altered as the result of their vastly different upbringings. Season one has minor changes but is still easily recognizable) the changes become more clear in season two, and according to the author season three will be a completely original story.