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No clue what the other reviewer was thinking, great fanfic anyway.
After reading the fanfic I read the one review from the from comments section and I'm pretty sure the writer posted it in the wrong place or something because it doesn't even make sense so don't pay attention to it.

Anyway this fanfic is excellent, very complex but still easy enough to read that it is fun. Itachi gets perhaps the best characterization I have ever seen mostly because the majority of it is from his perspective. Naruto shows up later and the author skillfully doesn't screw him up as a character like so many Naruto fanfics do. Overall I highly recommend this story.
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From comments
  • Comments: Once again, my general dislike of Original Characters is proved wrong for this fic. This is probably because she doesnt take up a lot of story time, and because she's a Woobie. Good characterisation, plot, writing, interesting twists, detailed explainations, all round great fic. Some fic cliches, likes him being beaten, and the Kyuubi being female(does note that this pretty much personally assigned, it can be any gender), but nothing which really ruins the story. Some Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi bashing, bu nothing major, and we find out why Jiraiya didn't look after Naruto: he thought Naruto was dead.
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