Reviews: Delenda Est

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Anon: An altogether excellent story. I haven't seen a spelling or grammar error yet while reading it. The characterizations and dialogue are both believable and enthralling. Harry does not automatically become Dumbledore's favorite new person and he isn't handed the DADA position. In fact the closest thing he has to allies are the current heads of the Malfoy and Black families. Bellatrix is not wearing leather pants and Harry has to restrain himself from attacking/insulting her several times. Harry is also very tight-lipped about the future/his past and couldn't give a rat's ass about preserving the time stream.

Darkholm: Did I mention there was no bashing and Harry doesn't follow the Marauders around like a lost puppy? Those parts have me really excited.

Anon: The (mostly friendly) banter between Harry and Not Yet Evil!Bellatrix is witty and entertaining. The story also explores the friction between the future death eaters and their parents to show how Voldemort's rise to power (as a charismatic demagogue) might have occurred.

Dalkoncledwin: Delenda Est has been, as many are aware, completed. As such, Lord Silvere has continued the process of writing by producing a sequel to Delenda Est in the form of Para Bellum. The story starts off as any Harry Potter story should start off, with Harry spending summer vacation at his Aunt and Uncles. Until one day, the phone rings and someone claiming to be "Violet White" asks Harry's Aunt if their Fridge is running, hilarity ensues and the story evolves from there. Suffice to say, the third generation of Marauders starts off the story very well indeed.

One of the best.

When I say one of the best in the title I don't mean one of the best time travel fics. I mean one of the best Harry Potter fics in general.

It does a lot of clever stuff. I could write about what the other reviews already mentioned, but I won't, because what would the point be? Its all true. The characterisation is great, the plot keeps taking different turns and its consistently clever.

What I will point out is that it actually does some great world building which explains why blood prejudice could be wide spread, how magical dueling works (aka why doesn't everyone doesn't just spam Avada Kedavra), why there aren't any cheap wands and more.

If these all seem like small things that's because they are. But Delenda Est uses all these small things to build up a very complete and compelling world.

Delendam Voldemort

Okay, well, it has been since June of this year since anyone has reviewed this fic. However in that time, two major changes have occurred in the Delenda Est universe. One, the story known as Delenda Est has been completed. Which means for all of us die hard fans we finally get to have our happy ending and know that Voldemort has been defeated, right? WRONG!

It just so happens that Lord Silvere has been so good as to provide us with a Sequel to Delenda Est, Para Bellum. Which has a meaningful name in more than one way. The Name is derived from the Latin phrase "Si vis pacem, para bellum" which basically translates into English as "If you want peace, prepare for war." And as usual, Lord Silvere has gone above and beyond the call of usual Harry Potter fics, and created a Time Travel Fic that also doubles as a Parallel Universe Fic.

Also, I think it is about time that we consider giving the Delenda Est / Para Bellum Multi-verse it's own Tropes Page, as it has certainly gone beyond the scope of a single entry in the Harry Potter Peggy Sue Fics Recs.

Now on to my review. Delenda Est, and Para Bellum by proxy, are in my opinion among the best Peggy Sue / Multiverse Fics ever devised. You get so much back story within these fics, back story that makes so much sense that its surprising that this back story came from someone other than J.K. Rowling herself. Yet it did. I mean, when you think about it, Grindelwald rising to power in the wake of World War II makes immense sense. Also, the fact that there were leaders amongst the Purebloods of the post World War II era who were not only aware of what had happened in World War II, but who likely lived through the London Blitzkrieg and suffered because of it, and probably stayed current on Muggle Affairs because of that from then on. It makes a whole lot of frightening sense. Especially when you consider that there is no magic on the face of the Harry Potter cosmos that would protect against being disintegrated on the sub atomic level. The Pure Blood Leaders of the Post World War II era must have been bloody terrified of Muggles. It makes sense that they would descriminate against the Muggleborns, they were frightened for their safety. It would have been that fear that Voldemort fed on, not anything else.

For that I say that this was my favorite Harry Potter fic, and one I will go back to time and again!

This one's actually good.

One of the few time travel fics I've seen done without wangst, leather pants, plot holes or anything else of that sort. There is some simple but brilliant world building on the cause of pureblood supremacy, they've managed to create powerful Harry without making him a God Mode Sue and Sane Bella's original reason for the romance are entirely in character.

One of my personal favourite stories and closed to being finished to boot.

Creativity to Maximum

This is a long (ongoing) fic as of this review, but the Doorstopper size is an asset. There are Loads and Loads of Characters, but everything is set up properly as a result of the many chapters. There are no quick fixes, no villain whitewashing and no leather pants in sight. The political machinations woven through the story add a layer of sophistication that isn't always present in fan-fiction. Harry/Bellatrix is set up believably and the "Old Families" are portrayed in a more pragmatic (yet realistic) light. Characters are mostly respected (no blatant Ron The Deatheater or Draco in Leather Pants). Deviations (old families being less obsessed with blood-mania or Dark Magic) are presented in a logical, internally-consistent manner. This is a story of anti-heroes, and a well-done one at that.

Sole criticism: There's a possibility of Overpowered!Harry—but so far it's been averted (and not with Ass Pulls).



Very origional and takes a whole new angle on Marauder's Era

"This has been a story I've been following for a while and it definitely has an interesting and mostly unique plot. The best part is that Harry doesn't know what's going to happen as he's not familiar with most of the events. In addition his appearance and a few of his actions have already shook things up enough that what he does know isn't certain either. Definitely recommended."