Reviews: Dark Titans

antvasima's review

The above storyarcs together probably comprise the most enjoyable 2000s Ranma fanfiction story that I've read so far. There are a couple of small continuity or characterisation gaffs, but the interactions, humour, flow, and behaviour all work wonderfully, with extremely efficient use of strictly the available character gallery, including when it goes into metafiction-but-not-really story thematics commentary with the formerly throwaway-now turned epic villain Brushogun. And it even manages to stay entirely within both the Takahashi and Teen Titans Go story tones. Warmly recommended, with a large dose of jealousy for the sheer efficiency of the later parts of the story. That said, the beginning chapters are far weaker than what it evolves into, as the author learns and gets the required settings built up, so don't get discouraged. Except for Nabiki's late showcase scene in the first arc, Dark Titans is by far the superior part, but it's definitely worth it when you get there.

Comartemis' review

As awesome as its' predecessor, Dark Titans progresses in several distinct arcs, each one focusing on a separate group of characters. The Red X arc comes first, giving the Titans the inital spotlight, before the action moves to Nerima, where Ranma has to assemble a team of heroes on his own to deal with Big Trouble in Little Tokyo. Then Cologne and the Amazons match wits with Lex Luthor in This Ain't A Scene before Ryouga unlocks the secret to resurrecting Terra in Titan Rising. And through all of this, Lathis maintains the quirky Slayers-style combo of humor drama and action that makes his stories so fun to read. If you liked The Titans and the Lost Boy, you will like this sequel.