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Pairing over Plot
It's a crossover with Harry Potter- yes. But it barely fits canon- most of the focus seems to be on Severus Snape/Hermione Granger pairing- with the both of them, especially Hermione, re-written to fit the pairing. Really badly- Hermione is reduced to a mess because Sarah has Snape's attention and she doesn't. If you like SSHG, it's a good fic. If not, you're not missing anything in terms of the Labyrinth fic.
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Comment by Fenro
his is a crossover with Harry Potter. There is a lot of Sarah/Snape interaction, but my most favored part, is the interactions between Jareth/Snape. There's a bit of role reversal, that adds out of character variety to the story. One thing that was brought to my attention, was that I needed to do a bit of research on mythology in order to fully comprehend the story. The story seems to be in-progress.
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