Reviews: Danger Deceit

Lavanya Six's review

Still in its early stages, Danger, Deceit presents a fascinating take on politics that rarely seen in Avatar fanfic. It explores courtly life in the Fire from Mai's POV as a high-ranking noblewoman — basically, it's Avatar-style mannerpunk. Various noble families are having their daughters compete for Zuko's hand, and the subtle maneuvering and game of manners played by Mai and her competitors is very entertaining. The OCs in this fic are well-drawn, and the girls vying for Zuko's hand all feel like individuals. Even if you don't like the crackish pairing of Mai and Jet, there's amazing worldbuilding to be seen in this fic. The author conveys a vibrant feeling in the text that there's centuries of history and clashing cultures affecting the present day world the characters inhabit.