Reviews: Cooled Ambition

By Zephaoreos

Up to chapter five so far, and if it doesn't change soon I can't recommend it. Archer is portrayed as an even denser version of Shirou, despite being one of the cleverer characters in canon. I don't mind fanfiction where personalities are tweaked, but an EX-level idiot ball doesn't make for an enjoyable change. Apparently projected weapons are super easy to explode, despite Medea (a better mage than a future Tohsaka would be) not realising this. What makes this even more grating is that the combination of drawing unlimited magic from alternate realities and the ability to store mana for later in gems would make for a logical method of making Caster overpowered without plot hole inducing asspulls.

By Guessmyname

Eh, personally, I find Endless Dream has a better writing style. Kratoserving is too long winded and tells more than he shows. But that's just me...