Reviews: Chicks Dig Giant Robots

Ending Fatigue

We start with snappy premise and a quick, nice story. Then we start trying to one-up ourselves. And in the process lose the snappy delivery that's so essential to make humor work.

Read the first thousand words. Maybe the first thousand and a half. Then pretend the story has stopped, close the window, and go elsewhere. You will appreciate it much more than if you read it through straight to the end.

The Tambourine Man's review

I know it's cliche, but, Your Mileage May Vary. For me, it stopped being funny very fast and just started feeling forced.

unsigned review

It felt more like EVA written by the writers of Megas XLR to me, not that that's a bad thing. In any way. At all. It would certainly explain the title.

K 9 Thefirst 1's review

A hilarious alternate take of Eva, with instead of Shinji being a psychologically-destroyed boy looking for his father's approval, he sees anything and everything that Gendo does to him as making up for the abandonment. A laugh a minute one-shot that involved Sachiel getting a kick to the nads and even an implied masochistic Asuka. It's like Eva written by the writers of Gurran Lagann!! Sure, it's not a deep and thought-provoking satire of the series like It Can't Get Worse, but a fun read none the less that uses comedy simply for the sake of comedy.