Reviews: Chaos Theory

By Stevethe Corn Muffin

There isn't enough love for the homunculus in the world of fanfiction, so I'm quite pleased with the story so far. Looking forward to updates from this one, and so should you.

By Caellach Tiger Eye

If I knew how to create Tv Tropes pages for Fan Fics, I would make one for this fic. From the humourous scenes to the sad ones, from the character development to the horror & darkness, from the battle scenes to the sweet interactions between Ilya and Shirou, every moment Chaos Theory is a moment well spent. A true gem.

By Kazeto

I also recommend this story - it's rather well done and has some funny and heart-warming moments. It seems to "follow" the Heaven's Feel route, or rather - what would be of this route if its main heroine was Ilyasviel, and it is written in a way that is pleasant to read.

By silvercover

I like the sweet parts between Shirou and Ilya here. The story is really great and makes excellent sense on what might happen with a random act of kindness.

By Unclouded TJ

Would have otherwise passed it up, but I saw the recommendation and found the story to my liking. Excellent characterization and a very open future.

By Comartemis

I was disappointed that what appears to be an Ilya route doesn't feature an appearance by Archerko, but as a new spin on the source material this is a very entertaining AU. Chaos Theory combines elements of the Fate and Heaven's Feel routes but also isn't afraid to do something completely original, like breaking up the Tohsaka/Emiya alliance. Definitely one to put on your watchlist.