Reviews: Bringing Out The Blue

AKA: If Zuko Didn't Get Shot In The Face

Everything you could ever hope for in an AU avatar fic(barring non-cannon shipping... sorry Zutarians). Excellent characterization, driving storyline, multiple points of view, original ideas, Jee-centric sub-plot(at least the beginnings of one), no instant-ramen heel-face-turns, frequent updates... You can really connect with the central characters-all of them. The author has so far given us a POV from every main character, and so far I've only thought she(he?) made one character OOC, ad that would be Iroh. It's very small though, not anything glaringly obvious. Just a slightly off in his thoughts, but that may only be because I don't see to many pieces from his POV. The story is definitely worth checking out, even if it doesn't meet up your shipping preferences.