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Very highly recommended
Note: this review is for Blueblood Returns only.

I normally tend to avoid fanfiction (for obvious reasons), but I will say this is one of the best I've ever read. Where this fic really deserves credit is that all the characters personalities are spot-on. In fact, they're so in-character that I can actually hear their voices from the show when I read the lines, they're things I can actually immagine them saying. The plot, too, is something I can actually immagine happening on the show, and with the addition of An Aesop at the end this could easily pass as a real episode.

And just like an actual episode, this fic contains a fair share of funny, hearwarming and awesome moments. To say anything more would be spoiling it. Speaking of which though...

Shipping note: The fic does contain some minor (but very heartwarming)


Spike/Rarity moments,


but it's more Ship Tease than explicit Shipping (again, in keeping with the show itself), hence why it's not technically a shipping fic.

All in all, a very enjoyable, well-written fic that manages to capture the feel and characters of the show, which, again, I must commend it for; that's not any easy thing to do in fanfiction.
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